LOS PINTXOS(ピンチョス)とは、小さく切ったパンに少量の食べ物がのせられた軽食のことです。

LOS PINTXOS (pintxos) is a snack consisting of small pieces of bread with a small amount of food on top.
French bread is the art, and the anchovies and side dishes on top are the works of art created by the artist. The name of the site comes from the idea that people should be able to choose their art as easily as they can choose their favorite pintxos.
On each artist’s page, you will find information on how art can be brought into your daily life, and how the artists incorporate their work in their daily lives.
All of the artworks are created by the artists themselves, as are the photographs from their daily lives and of the spaces where their art is located.
Please take a look at these proposals for daily life with art by seven varied artists, and see how they match the home or shop spaces you spend your everyday in.